“After recently selling our previous home we were in the market for another one. We were fortunate enough to come across Jack Dodd’s first build in the later stages of its construction. We signed up to purchase and waited for the settlement date to come around not quite knowing what to expect given the problems people have with new builds. We were pleasantly surprised that Jack had really gone the extra mile and the house was ready to move into on the ambitious settlement date.a truly great job for which we were extremely grateful. For us, Jack is a champion, you can take his word to the bank , literally. If he says the job will be done you can be assured it will be. The build itself is really special, being Jack’s first complete build he used it to showcase his exceptional building talents. If this is any indication he has a bright future ahead of him in the building industry. We found Jack to be warm , open and honest , a man of his word, if he says something will be done, it will be, a no B/S approach. He is hard working, a perfectionist and his attention to detail is beyond anything we have seen in our home ownership history, (this is our fifth purchase, second new build).”

Phil and Donna Clark
Wilson's Lane Property